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what is the best coppercube games?

Registered User
2022-02-20 14:19:21

what is your favourite coppercube game
mine is postcollapse

2022-02-20 17:38:37

Post Collapse is not actually a coppercube game, it is created in C++. It is rather an irrlicht game than Coppercube game. As per Coppercube game there are many, recently "The smiling man" which has been top 1 game on for more than a week and still holds 2 popular game on is created with CC. So one can consider that game as most popular game along with Dim, and Coppercraft game.
Coppercraft is indeed the best game so far when it comes to mechanism and how closely it mimics the original Minecraft game. Then there are some games by the user @rolevix, I can't remember the games name but there have been a lot of games by him.

There are some other games that haven't been anounced on the forums, but are anounced on third party communities and game jams.

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