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How to create a chain or rope in CC

2022-02-07 01:37:51

Hi, I have been trying to create a Rope or chain in CopperCube but I don't know how to do it in coppercube. Can anybody help me in creating a rope or chain?

Registered User
2022-02-07 04:08:07

Maybe model in Blender

2022-02-07 07:39:48

No, i know how to model a rope, I meant the physics of how rope and chains work, is it possible in CopperCube?

Registered User
2022-02-07 08:10:37

There are a few different methods for making a rope - How you would do it depends on what you want to achieve...

1- To make a "real physics" rope, you'd need to use scripting (or get someone to make it for you if you can't do it).

2- You can make a 3D rope model (as mentioned by serge) and also animate it in blender, then attach "animated nodes" to it (so a player can climb and swing on it in Coppercube). You can then use either dynamic lighting for realism if it's a small part of the game or you can opt to use light-mapping to make the rope-details look photo-realistic if needs be.If you can't make a rope animation, you can purchase/download one from a 3D asset store.

3- You could just import a 2D transparent png image of a rope and apply it to a plane with "double-sided materials" and "transparent alpha" applied in propertied, then set the texture to "moved by wind" (so it swings from side to side). You can also adjust the scene's parameters to adjust how much it swings. This uses less system resources than a 3D rope model but would not be 3D (it would be a flat rope) so if your player moved around the node, it would disappear - so this would be suitable for a side-scrolling game or details in the distance/background. I used this in one of my games to make swinging vines and spider webs attached to different buildings.

4- You can also use either a static model of a 3D rope or a 2D image plane, then use the "rotate" action to make it swing from side to side - this would be 3D, but it would not look very natural (the rope would stay perfectly straight when it swings) but would be OK for a retro-style game.

5- If you just want a realistic static hanging rope, apply a transparent png image to a billboard and then check the "is vertical" box to make it appear to always point up and down. It would use very few system resources but would also look semi-3D. Then, to make it swing, you can use the "animate texture" feature and load in a few frames of 2D animation and select "loop animation".

6- Finally, as a last resort, you could technically also use the particle generator to spray individual segments of rope one-after-another (to give the illusion of a long rope). You'd have to adjust the frequency and duration values to make it look like a continuous, solid rope. You could use the "affected by gravity" to give it some dynamic realism - but it would take a lot of trial and error to get it looking decent and the other methods would probably yield better results with a lot less effort.

2022-02-14 21:50:45

7 - put rope/chain elements along a path.

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