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Behaviour Copy/Paste [Bug]

2022-01-12 09:36:18

Hi, I've been noticing some unusual behaviour recently and managed to figureout what was going wrong...

If I copy and paste behaviours from one node to several other nodes (using v6.5), a problem occurs with the node handling - coppercube re-targets the copied behaviours to random nodes.

Example - Say I have an instruction (such as: when "square" is clicked, hide "square")....

When I copy it to another node, sometimes it may paste successfully as: when "square" is clicked, hide "square")....

But often, it will paste incorrectly (with random nodes selected),such as: as: when "apple" is clicked, hide "pear")....


when "square" is clicked, hide "apple")....

So I'm having to go back through each copied behaviour and double-check every single node and then re-target them manually.

Didn't notice this problem in 6.4 as it only used to try to automatically re-target the nodes if "Current Node" was selected as the target. If a specific node was maunually selected instead, it would respect that and wouldn't try to re-target the copied behaviour to another node.

6.4 was a much better copy/paste in my opinion as it was a time-saving feature. Now copy/paste (using b/j) has become a bit of a hindrance, as it introduces errors and mistakes into a project which often go unnoticed. It can take a lot of work to figure out what's going wrong - especially if you copy a block of nested behaviours and actions or IF/Else Variables from one node to another - it never seems to work as expected.

Other than regular manual checking and changing, I can't seem to find any fix/workaround for it.


2022-01-23 03:12:38

thanks for that - will check next time I use copy and paste behaviors..

On the topic of CopperCube hindrances - the auto folder opening and resetting the focus back to the top level every single time you edit something in the folder is so annoying - drives me nuts....Niko if your reading this please have a check box to stop this running or remove annoying this.

2022-01-23 12:37:59

You're welcome Robo!

It's happened many times to me - but now know what to look for, it's not too much of an issue. Whenever an issue arises, it's the first thing I check for now.

Totally agree with your other point Robo. Every small change seems to reset folder-tree view - when you have only a few nodes it's no problem at all, but once you get more than a page-worth of nodes, it can start to get really confusing at times.

In my opinion, these small fixes would make a huge improvement to the engine..... Pretty please Niko.

2022-01-27 17:53:01

Also happens when "cloning" a node in the editor.

I made an object which was set to follow a path over 5 seconds. I then changed the time taken to 2 seconds and saved the project.

Later on I cloned the object but CC had changed the cloned time back to 5 seconds, even thought the object I cloned was now 2 seconds.

Also had similar issues when cloning cameras, sometimes CC will get the target node wrong. Then obviously the camera doesn't work in the scene - but when I spot the mistake and try to switch the target manually, it still doesn't correct it. I have to completely delete the cloned camera node and create it from scratch.

Also spotted a rogue/corrupt target node whilst trying to find a bug in my game today. After a lot of hunting, I saw that instead of "Warrior" one target said "Scene" - but there is no "Scene" node in my game and I am 100% sure I set the target as "Warrior". It was all working fine but broke randomly.

These seem to be intermittent problems so I think they're going to be hard to pin down and fix.

2022-01-27 20:02:57

Hmm. Also some options disappear from actions when I clone a node.....


For example, the option to tell it what to do at end of the path (eg: start again, stop etc.) the option disappeared when I cloned the object.

To fix it, I had to delete the "Follow Path" action and add it again manually.

I guess the moral of the story is: don't use "clone" (Ctrl-C) in the editor - it's more reliable just to recreate everything manually.

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