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The Future of Copperlicht.

2022-01-07 19:24:53

I was wondering about what you guys think about the plans I have to maybe implement based on Copperlicht a thing like:

A converter that is capable of turning a Blitz3D game into a copperlicht game. As you may know, Blitz3D was a very popular directX game engine, and allowed for intuitive, rapid development based on an ok offline Documentation (unlike CL).

I wrote an entire fps game engine with Blitz3D back then ( ) , and I don't want to appear arrogant, but in terms of professional look (for the time) it was comparable to commercial engines with xxxxx$ licenses.

I mention that because I also think about to port the game engine to Copperlicht, more or less, or as much as possible. This may be easier than to wrap all of Blitz3D.

Wrapping the commands of Blitz3D entirely isn't possible anyway, so it will be a Blitz3D-light command set. Still everything needed for a 3D game, but without the extras.

I already made a Code converter for the 2D stuff of Blitz3D, using a 2D canvas, so adding a set of 3D stuff and copperlicht.js still seems straight forward. However, this code converter also is supporting only a reduced instruction set of BlitzBasic:

I also made a 3D sound engine, cause coppercube didn't support 3D sound for webG: which I could also add to the system.

So what do you guys think about such a project? Is it worth the troubles? Would Niko show up and help? How is he anyway, hopefully fine in these troubled times. The same goes for all of you btw.

2022-01-07 20:36:50

there are plenty of features missing in CC so yes I would welcome that.

Also sounds like a massive project.

Maybe Blitz Basic features can be lifted out of it ,
translated into C or C++ and then imported into CC engine and editor. There are also plenty of opensource libraries that may serve that purpose. Years ago I pointed Niko to a bunch of opensource 3d tree generators, and some months later one of them or very similar ended up in the editor update.

We could repeat that for AI, routing, shaders etc.
But incorporating this stuff aint trivial.

Or Blitz Basic features are translated into js plugins, actions and behaviours, that would then be quicker available to the community. But not easier as the language is so different from C and needs adaptations for each platform.

2022-01-07 21:14:38

Thanks for your reply. Certainly there are plenty interesting libraries out there, and luckily Niko has added a lot of them to CL. Personally, it isn't even a lack of features in CL that motivates me to develop a blitz to CL conversion method, but it is the way any development in CL turns out to be very unintuitive and slow, at least for a beginner like me. I'd be happy to have all the basic 3D game features working, camera, collision, a modeling pipeline, linepicks, blendmodes, parenting etc. most of which CL supports, but the lack of beginner tutorials costs many of us hundreds of hours of hacking to get these basic features to work. However once they all work in an isolated manner, I want to wrap them into Blitz commands eg. function LoadMesh(), ScaleEntity, Positionentity etc., so code conversoin becomes easy.
Games can then be developed in Blitz3D that has a great debugger, allowing real rapid prototyping.

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