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Forum problem

Registered User
2021-12-25 10:39:29

you can't use the hash symbol in the text, so you can't post links to CopperCube documentation.

PS: Translation by DeepL

2021-12-26 12:36:35

Yes, sorry for that. Will extend the forum a bit later.

2021-12-27 20:52:16

This has been an issue spoken about for years in the coppercube community...but @Niko, barely updates anything when it comes to copper cube...

About 3 years ago he released a road map...found somewhere on this forum...

As far as I know, almost no work has done on the main goals fo the coppercube road map..

For new users FYI, coppercube is easy to learn and to use, but is almost completely ignored by it's sole developer.

Coppercube remains in maintenance mode and if we get a good update once ever 2 years, it is a day to celebrate.

2021-12-28 05:54:19

Nice alias, Zoo. :)

2021-12-28 06:16:02

Maybe he didn't checked the roadmap, 64 bit support was there and that has been done in 6.4 version of coppercube.
Coppercube has its potential of creating a full fledged game, and game developing is not as easy as making a lemonade. It takes patience. If you haven't seen @Robo's saturn 7 , it has been created with CC and looks pretty awesome and I never saw him complaining about CC's updates. There is also another developer maybe @J9907 he is developing a Monster Inc game and it looks already awesome and both the developers were working on it for years.

Haven't you already seen the brilliant Coppercraft game created by @Smnmhmdy.

So fo coppercube newbies, coppercube can create amazing stuff and brilliant games, if you are creative enough and you got a working brain you can do almost anything in CC.
Not that good as other big engines out there as Unity or Unreal engine, but yeah you can acheive so many things.

For the development part, it is extensions that we need more and more, and for that Thanks to @Just_in_case, @SmnMhmdy,@Robo,@Sven and other fellow members. They are doing great job with their scripting skills.
The extensions posted by them are bringing new possibilities to the engine and making the process a bit faster.

Let @Niko work in his own pace, we shouldn't force him to push updates, if he did so, then in hurry it will either buggy or it might broke the whole engine stuff. I beleive in stable releases.

And if your feature request really makes sense and are easy to be included in the engine, then @Niko will surely add them to the engine.
Recently I requested a few basic and simple feature and @Niko replied that he is going to add them in next update.

He is a good developer, and if you are new to the engine and are not getting help in the forums. Then there are many Active Discord servers out there, you can join them and seek help there.

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