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Feature request: Editor 3D View W,A,S,D navigation

Registered User
2021-12-22 01:46:19

It would be really handy if the user could change the navigation theme to: W,A,S,D to fly and right mouse button to rotate the camera.

Maybe a checkbox in the settings Tools->Options->Editor "Use WASD Navigation in Viewport"

2021-12-22 04:14:11

I tried creating a plugin for that, which allows you to use W,A,S,D for camera controls in the editor, but then there was an issue that in a plugin, i was unable to use keyEvents for mouse that means, I was unable to create rotation function and CopperCube's inbuilt rotation system also broke when I use my version of editor camera controller. That means in my controller, you can either roatate the camera or can use w,a,s,d you can't do both simultaneously. That's why I dropped that plugin.

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