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similar controls to ultrakill

Registered User
2021-12-17 11:30:59

basically i am just making fps shooter inspired by ultrakill which is a really cool fps shooter with really cool mechanics
and great music and i just want my game to control just like from
my favourite game ultrakill
if you dont know what you can do in ultrakill here it is:
slide *if you are sliding to long you will become slower*
wall jump *only 3 times if you are not on the ground*
slidehop *basically bunnyhop but with sliding*
slam *you will fall way faster but enemies near you will either die
or they will be launch into the air and die of fall damage*
parry *you can boost your own shoots by parrying and parry enemies shoots*

Registered User
2021-12-17 15:56:53

if anyones know how to do it please respond

2021-12-18 11:07:13

I think, @Diaboro, will be able to answer your questions more precisely, as he has already created a game similar to ultrakill with CopperCube name as "antichris", You can check out his game here,

If I had to create a game, with all the above-mentioned features by you, I would have done it with variables and javascript, Variables are the heart of any game. You can do almost anything with them.

for example.

if a variable name "sliding" is "true" then set or change another variable "player.movementspeed" and will set a lower value for it than the default movementspeed variable value.

so that speed can decrease when the player is sliding.

The same goes with the other features as well. I would have checked the collision with the ground and if it's true then I will allow the player to jump and with every succefull jump I would have increase value of a different variable and if that value is higher than 3 then I will not allow the player to use jump. and on reaching ground that variable will be reset to 0, so that the player can jump again.

you can do other things like this as well. but if you visit the page of @Diaboro, then you will be able to get the source file of antichrist 1 as well, which means you will have a pre-cooked ultrakill like game, that you can examine and learn from it.

Hope this bit of info will help you. :)

Registered User
2021-12-18 20:10:53

thanks for the information
this will help me really much

2023-02-18 17:44:39

Hi there, vazahat, can you please show me where the antichrist source file is I can't find it at the link you proposed

Registered User
2023-02-20 23:48:14

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