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Coppercube on Sony PSP

2021-12-12 14:42:22

I was just wondering...

does anyone know please if I publish a CCB game as "webGL", would it then possibly run on a Sony PSP's browser?

I remember they used to be able to run flash games no problem - I'd consider buying a dedicated PSP if I can make/play Coppercube games on it.

Just a thought.



2021-12-12 15:24:39

Why, just, why?

2021-12-12 15:59:35

Well,I just think there's something special about hand-held gaming. I'm a huge retro gaming fan. Handhelds and retro LCD games have a close place in my heart.

Yesterday, I was stuck in the car and downloaded an Android game (deadly dungeons) to pass the time. It's fairly good IMO. nly thing is that a phone isn't a great experience for playing games. So I remembered about the PSP days and considered buying one to keep in the car to play all my PlayStation one games.

But then I wondered if a PSP could possibly run CC games in it's browser. So I just want to explore the webGL possibilities of Coppercube running on retro handheld hardware.

PSP immediately sprang to mind as did raspberry but I know there are Windows versions such as GPD etc.

I haven't used webGL at all but I know people here have, so where better to ask. No worries if it's not possible. Just wondering.

Registered User
2021-12-13 04:45:47

I've thought about it too and even have two psp go slide phones but I also have a GPD XD original and plus. I think the closest thing you are gonna get to that is gamepad integration in CC also FLASH is no longer supported in CC ( you can't export it unless you have an older version). Also any opensource version of flash are getting taken down or limited to legacy support like with with NewGrounds.

Flash was nice but its sadly gone.

2021-12-15 08:12:35

Thanks. Yeah, it's a real shame that flash is pretty much gone now.

I was hoping that the PSP Go's browser might support webGL - but the PSP Go was released back in 2005, webGL was only released 2011-ish. So unless there was a recent update/homebrew broswer, I doubt the PSP browser would support webGL.

Possibly PSVita supports webGL as it was released in 2012.

If anyone has a PSV.. if there's a spinning cube on this page, it indicates that Coppercube applications will probably run on the PSV.

I guess the PSV hardware is more capable too but there are countless android handheld consoles nowdays so that may be a better way to go if it's even worth the hassle.

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