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Feature Requests

2021-12-06 11:13:11

Here are some of the feature requests for the future updates of CC.

1. Ability to lock unlock mouse pointer to the center of the screen via scripting.

2. Ability to Pause and Resume playback of an audio file.

3. Instead of having separate windows for textures and prefabs. Make it one with the ability to create folders inside it. Make it works like the content browser from the unreal engine. Default prefabs and textures folder will always be there. Other loaded 3D models and animations should also go in their respective folders. As they are already in the memory and the project. so having them in folders will be nice.

4. Ability to get the current frame of the playing animation via scripting.

2021-12-06 18:43:48

signed - thanks @Aiming_bullets

your suggestions seem to come from a real CC working background with deeper understanding about whats really missing to get more serious with our beloved game engine, so your feature requests make more sense to me than all the latest mini updates ...

2021-12-07 07:10:35

Noted, I'll add these likely in the next update.

2021-12-08 03:19:54

That sounds nice! And to top it off here are my suggestions:

1. motion blur

2. crouching system

3. bullet physics

4. certain physics restraints(e.g. ropes, motors, pistons)

2021-12-08 04:29:28

@Niko, Thanks a lot, addition of these small things can bring bigger changes to the engine.

@hadoken, these requests come from the suggestions of Glitched Velocity discord members.

@anAverage guest, you can still do motion blur and crouching in CC. you can use Reshade for motion blur. and for crouching system I recommend you to ask @just_in_case,@Robo or @SmnMhmdy they surely know how to do crouching.

for advanced physics ++++1 I signed.

2021-12-09 00:07:09

Oh wow, very impressive that niko responded. As is the tradition with threads that request features, they will just keep getting longer.

Having an option to disable the window update/refresh rate cap when the window is not focused would be such an important fix, as this always tends to break games when alt tabbing. People who write scripts know what I’m talking about and understand how problematic it can get.

Also, the classic, normal map (water) compatibility with fog.

Honestly I don’t care about anything else since besides these small issues by acknowledging engine limitations everything else can be designed and worked around.

2021-12-10 04:16:11

Awesome, I am glad to know that we will be able to see these features in the next update.

Registered User
2021-12-10 14:46:51

Also is there any way to get orthographic view for camera nodes? I think this feature is already implemented in the editor with top and side camera viewports, and would be great to have in the client as well. it would definitely help with creating 2d games.

As a side note, which version of SpiderMonkey (TraceMonkey, IonMonkey, WarpMonkey, etc.) is being used right now? If it's an old one is there any chance we could expect an update to the latest version? or even better is it possible to switch to Google's open source V8 engine? which to my understanding is the fastest at compiling js into machine code which would be tremendously helpful with performance, something that's quite essential, specially in the context of a game engine.

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