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Problem in personal project.
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2010-02-26 18:04:35

hi this program renames all my variables, about 700. this is fine, but it also renames my strings, anywhere where they happen to contain the same text as those properties. (be it as button labels, or anywhere else in unrelated code).

I need a way to disable this. Certainly code where obj.hasownproperty("property") will break. But for me this is maybe 10 places and i can work around it easily. Yes my properties are not referenced anywhere in mxml, so it wont break there.

Another feature is to ignore symbols based on containing package or class.
so that i can specify ignore "mx.controls.*" or "TextInput";

I am using 2.1.0 and Flex 3.2, and swf file obfuscation mode.

2010-02-26 18:40:12

Ah I have ran my tests again, and using a Flex source project, and ignoring a certain package, gets me a working build. However only 133 symbols are processed now. I still hope it can be done differently.

2010-02-26 18:44:47

I guess what i was looking for was to possibly specify:

all variables in "mx.controls" package to be renamed, but since are not referenced by mxml, to not be renamed in Strings anywhere.

Although if its required for mxml, i can see how this would be difficult.

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