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Tiny file-sized games (decent graphics and features)

Registered User
2021-10-13 11:57:17

Having successfully learned to shrink all my old Playstation1 CD-ROM games down (from 700MB each to as low as 1MB each), I've always been interested in getting game file-sizes much smaller, without having to compromise content/quality too much.

I just stumbled this video about meta-programming - tiny games (100kb) which pushed the limits of older hardware, with procedural textures, light-mapping, particle systems and animated characters etc.This tech would be well-suited to coppercube but would probably not be very easy to implement.

Some really interesting stuff here, probably not all relevant to coppercube - but maybe people who develop coppercube/plugins/scripts etc. may find these tricks handy/interesting.

There are some tools which look like they may generate some really useful code and also some decent tips across several game-engine topics.

EG: Semi-realistic reactive/triggered character animations using primitive shapes - and the feature which makes, resolution-independant textures inside the game-engine (and uses only a few KB to make realistic metal/wood/water/stone etc) is amazing. Synthesised MIDI music is great, as is the way they procedurally generate assets just from built-in windows text fonts!

It's all stuff that's been around for years but nice to see it all demonstrated in one place.

The game-engine is C++ opensource and assembly code on github for anyone interested...

2022-01-03 23:57:10

then you will also like this and its in Javascript
Dwitter - javascript demos in 140 characters

2022-01-04 08:30:57

Unreal! Some really impressive pieces there. I'll keep checking back to see more of them in the future. Very inspiring, thanks :)

2022-01-04 11:36:36

Those are some really cool effects, Thanks for sharing.

2022-01-09 02:56:49

and then You will also like this

Frank Force

or this
Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries

Registered User
2022-01-09 19:01:12

Loving the Frank Force art, the procedural Japanese calligraphy looks really cool!

Will take a closer look at some of the MicroJS, have bookmarked it for now, will probably come in very handy at some point.

Thank you.

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