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bug report: encrypted object keys wrongly
Author Text

2010-02-23 09:22:45

irrFuscator version: 2.1
platform: MacOS

sample code:
var obj:Object = { "key": "value" };

var obj:Object = { key: "value" };

after enabling the option to encrypt strings, both sample code will have the following generated results:
var obj:Object = { irrcrpt("xxxxxx", 1): irrcrpt("yyyyyy", 2) };

which will have the following compilation error:
Error: Syntax error: expecting colon before leftparen.

It is useless to include "key" into "Ignore Symbols" list either. Please advise.

2010-02-23 17:06:52

Thanks for the bug report.
irrFuscator simply didn't expect this syntax combined with string encryption, so it is a bug. (will be fixed in a future version.)
Workaround for now: Either use another syntax to create the object (the dot syntax should work seemlessly as well) or disable string encryption for now. Third option: compile your code and use the binary obfuscator of irrfuscator.

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