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Coppercube x Unity
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Registered User
2021-10-05 20:50:47

Hello devs!

I really like the Coppercube engine, it is really an excellent tool for creating games, I have a great affection for it, but I would like to learn more and I think about studying the Unity engine, although I find it a little more complex to learn. What do you think is better, digging deeper into javascript and using Coppercube or learning C and using Unity? Which engine do you think is better?

2021-10-05 21:17:37

Coppercube + JavaScript = 👍 👍 👍 -> super lightweight & fast, very powerful despite its simplicity, infinite possibilities if you're smart, no account- & online hub-drm trouble, low costs for true freedom if you want to commercialize your projects ...

2021-10-05 22:02:53


Hadoken said it best.

Registered User
2021-10-05 22:32:30

Hello andgameplay and all,

A long time ago I didn't post any comment on Ambiera forum.

I was going to post a similar post on Coppercube just right now and I've found that you raised the question :)

Coppercube is a great engine with lot of features now (I used till version 5.7)
A lot of effort is done for producing such a great product. It requires almost no coding.
(for advanced users, you may use JavaScript of course)
I've created the "Letters Kingdom" game using the CopperCube engine. Now, I've remade the whole game using Unity.

You may check the older game screenshots in the following link:

Now, I've remade the whole game. You may check the screenshots on IndieDB portal in the following link and see the difference.

Unity requires, a little bit, more programming of course (C is not that hard to learn assuming that you have previous programming skills) (There is also a huge market where you can find a lot of stuff)

To be honest sometimes some functions to do with CopperCube were hard to implement while using Unity it was much more easy but it can be done.

Let me say that as a first step for beginners using CopperCube is very good but at a certain level you have to switch to Unity.

In another word for simple projects you may use CopperCube as well.

Please note that you may try the old demo on this page:
(Flash is deprecated but the downloadable demo can be found at the bottom of the page)

If you want to try the new Letters Kingdom demo just drop me a message from the page contact form and state that you are from Ambiera forum I will give you a free complete working trial demo for 3 days for the new game.

2021-10-06 00:35:57

I fully agree with 'techno-valley' on this if you actually want to make commercial games to a good level or better in todays terms.

If I had my time over again I would be using Unity also as just makes things so much better and easier to make a good looking game than CopperCube can. Some decent games can be done in CC of course but takes a lot more work to get something good than Unity so CC is really best for basic and simple games.

CopperCube can be fun and easy but to do something really great has too many limitations like DirectX only for outdoor terrains (OpenGL max 1 texture only), normal smoothing in CC is not that good as Unity, joining parts together so easy in Unity - hard in CC in comparison, CC shadows look very poor and not efficient, no PBR textures in CC - ie no specular, no metallic, no height map textures, no roughness textures, no emissive textures - just one texture only and normal map or with lightmaps only.

CC has slightly janking camera controller when walking downhill and cannot change collision sphere as needed for various things, cannot access animation frames nor adjust animation speed without resetting current animation, etc etc...many limitations actually.

Unity to my knowledge does have a few limitations but not many..if your starting off best use Unity or Unreal..

Aiming bullets
2021-10-06 05:00:52

I think shaders in coppercube xan provide specular, roughness and metallic texture, one should ask @jusy_in_case to make shaders for that. I saw that in some of his shaders there is option to add specular texture, maybe we can ask him to create a shader with all these combined, normal, roughness and specular and displacement texture. Then it will be awesome.

Registered User
2021-10-06 22:59:29

Hello devs! Thank you very much for the answers! I intend to explore this area of ​​games a little more. I love the Coppercube engine, but I'm also always looking at other engines like Unity, I'm very happy to see that game creation is becoming more and more accessible to everyone! Anybody know what is the simplest way to earn some money with games? If I earned a few dollars I would be very happy!

Registered User
2021-10-06 23:22:42

Hi techno-valley, I saw both versions of your game and I really liked it, they are excellent, congratulations! It's possible clearly see the difference between the two engines, the game in Unity is much better, but the Coppercube version is still very beautiful and well made. I realize that Unity is worth delving a little deeper, but without leaving out our dear Coppercube, which is still an excellent tool for creating games!

Registered User
2021-10-07 15:35:13

Thanks andgameplay!

Earning money from games requires a lot of efforts :)

I was satisfied with Letters Kingdom made by CopperCube. When I published it, I realized that too many people didn't like to final graphics results of in addition to some in-game features and contents (about 700 testers with a long list of suggestions). That's why I've decided to remake the game from scratch. Some people suggested to use Unity.

Another problem I'm currently facing that almost everyone prefers violence against any other new non-violent idea. The majority of people prefers handheld devices (tablets, mobiles etc..)

I will try to write a comprehensive comparison between CopperCube and Unity and post it later.

Anyone from Ambiera forum is welcome to try both versions of Letters Kingdom (CopperCube and Unity version)

Registered User
2021-10-16 20:56:24

Agree with much of what others said in this thread. Coppercube is great for small projects if you understand its limitiations, such as for graphics. PBR is nice, but games doesnt have to look more and more realisticly life-like. Simplified esthetics can be at least as cool!

Also, some users on this community has made very neat plugins to make this engine better.
And if you're quite skilled with scripting, it's still, in general, quite capable to make a bit larger projects (at least this solves the increasing clutter of all the "if this - then that"-statements, which non-coders will have to dig much deeper into to solve)

Being a non-coder, I've been a bit stuck in the cluttery interface of CC. Will still try to complete my current project within CC but I'm looking into other engines for future ideas.
Game Guru Max is really promising, especially for a non-coder, but still not good enough for what i intend to do. Unity though has several plugins to help the non-coder in making stuff. People sometimes mention Bolt, but I'm surprised for example, that the plugin Adventure Creator by Icebox Studios, is seldom mentioned. I'm currently learning it. I understand it can also be combined with other plugins, so that you are really not restricted to "adventure games" only.

Registered User
2022-10-23 16:06:50

There are also many more non-coding plugins for Unity: Game Creator, PlayMaker, Enemy AI, Invector AI, Emerald AI, Eliot AI, and RV Honor AI, TopDown Engine as well.
Still prefer coppercube:)

Registered User
2022-10-23 16:10:33

To me Unity has way too much instructional material, to the point where I'm overwhelmed, throw in trying to follow a tutorial that is no longer compatabile with newer versions, and sluggish load times even on a m2 ssd, that just MAKES ME Frusturated with Unity.
CopperCube is the way to go...

Registered User
2022-10-23 16:12:17

But it's fun to steal assets from their asset store and bring them into CC, lol:)

ps.-I don't mean literally stealing, but I like to use 3d models from their asset store to help me with prototyping ideas.

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