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Not able to write "ř" or "ů" on Czech keyboard on Mac
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Registered User
2021-09-15 17:02:36

Right at the beginning of using RocketCake this, I came accros anoynig problem with typing some Czech or Slovach characters using Czech or Slovak keyboard on my Mac. Has anyone same problem or is there any special setup for it.
I can write easy "ě", "š", "č" and other Czech characters. But there is no posibility, how to type "ř", "Ř" or "ů", "Ů" with Czech keyboard layout or "ľ" on Slovak layout keyboard.
It is easy to write texts external editor and then copy and paste this texts including this problematic characters. But it is not very comfortable when building menus etc.

Registered User
2021-09-15 17:32:59

Ah, interesting. How do you type those? Type ° and then U?

Registered User
2021-10-02 15:37:30

There is special key with "ů" char on Czech keyboard. It is key on right side next to "L" key. You can type "ů" by pressing it directly or you can type "Ů" by pressing Caps loct and then this key.
Another option to write "ů" is to pres "ˇ" key and then "U" key. Or "Ů" - press "ˇ" key and then Shift+"U" key. Key "ˇ" is on right side next to "=" and "%" key in top row.

All options above are able to type "ů" or "Ů" without any problem here or in any other non localized or localized application exclude RocketCake. RocketCake does not.

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