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File Save settings (feature request)
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Registered User
2021-09-12 03:28:25

New user here. Maybe this is just me.

But is there a way for RocketCake to remember the last file folder save setting as it is annoying for it always saving to Documents as the location and then having to fix it either after or before saving the project.

And also while you are in that save file area of the code can you maybe add .rcd as the default file extension instead of no file extension. It's not huge issue but I'm always forgetting to save as filename.rcd. Took me hours to work out .rcd was the file extension I needed to use - should have read all the forum posts I guess - which is where I found it and then renamed my projects to .rcd.

thank you.

2021-09-12 08:22:33

Hm, it should do that. When you click "publish to local disk", then also click "Save" afterwards. It should usually save this per project, maybe you just didn't save your settings afterwards.

Default file extension: Hm, it should do that, are you maybe using macOS? There was a version which didn't do that, but in the later RocketCake versions, this should also work.

Registered User
2021-09-13 09:30:25

Thanks for getting back to me. Current versions are as follows:

MacOS: Big Sur 11.5.2
RocketCake Professional: Version 4.0 Purchased from the Mac App Store. There is no Save option after Publish to local disk.

I can post a screen capture if you are unable to reproduce.


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