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The future of making games - Niko: take a look at this!

Registered User
2021-09-10 22:46:28

I'm an artist, I imagine and sometimes realise new stories, things, scenarios, games, whatever. I never had this is mind though, but i do hope it's a dream come true before i fall off this horse called life. And why not also in a future build of Coppercube?! Yes, this would be an ideal way of creating stuff!!

2021-09-11 02:40:34

still you need to understand the proces of coding:

what to do when
how to ask for it

i think this is easier

google visual coding

2021-09-12 04:49:12

This sounds really interesting don't know if it will be successful for all the languages. It seems right now it deals with Javascript, CSS, HTML only. It sounds really awesome but it might take quite some time to be completely able to do this for everything. as some tools provide their custom API and this tech might not be able to incorporate that API command by default will work with core language only.

2021-09-14 03:16:19


but you can start simple, my example here works the reverse order of the above AI;

- English text to Morse signs (dots, dashes and spaces).
- text to Morse sounds conversion.
- text to English phonemes sounds !!!.

then go into text preprocessing
- replace while with while loop template
- replace for with for loop template
- etc etc
try inserting template variables with items captured before during and after the while and for declarations = this get messy and implies the the use of formalized text / speech..

the techique is already there: old compilers work with precompilers and linkers etc. these tools have the techniques .for text scanning and replacement of text elements

Registered User
2021-09-18 14:15:00

On april 1986 or 87, the Sinclair user magazine published a two full page article about nearly the same subject. But on the next page, There was a heavily bold-face notice saying "This is only an april foolsday's joke."
After nearly 35 year, it is a good news that the "Joke" partially becomes "True"....

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