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From Sketchup Web to Coppercube, a quick tutorial

Registered User
2021-09-08 21:22:35

I know some of you here already are familiarized with SketchUp and the pcon.planner app, but with that said, I did the following mini tutorial for the benefit of anybody wishing to create 3d content using the free to use online SketchUp web app for then importing said 3d content into Coppercube via the conversion of the skp file to the obj format using the pcon.planner app. ALL FOR FREE.

Step One: If you have not done so yet, sign up for a free account on Trimble's Sketchup website. Afterwards go here: and click on the "Start Modeling" button. You will be presented with the following:


Once you click again on the "Start Modeling" button, the web version of the Sketchup app will load up:


Since this is not a modeling tutorial, let's jump strait to my finished test model, which is just a little simple 1 room house on a flat surface. Obviously you would be doing your own model design on any other moment, but for now let's use my example model. It looks like this:


Now it's time to download the model to one's computer. Go ahead and download the skp format file of the model. Don't bother downloading the 2021 version, the pcon.planner app won't be able to open it. Just download the 2020 or earlier version like shown here:


Once you have the .skp file of your Sketchup model downloaded on your computer, next step would be to convert it to the .obj 3d format. For this, you need the free app. Go here to download it: Once downloaded and installed on the computer, go ahead and launch the program and import the Sketchup model. It should look something like this:


Remeber, the idea here is to convert this skp format model to the obj format model for the benefit of this tutorial example. Aside of that, you can also convert it to the .dae format (collada) or any other format that Coppercube supports. Anyway, this is how the conversion save to prompt looks like:


After the conversion to the .obj format is done, just import it to Coppercube and take it from there:


To prove and show that this method works, it's fairly easy and straightforward, here's the WebGL scene I made out of the Sketchup model using Coppercube:

Registered User
2021-10-06 11:29:39

Oh it really helpful

Registered User
2021-10-10 04:15:39

Thanks, I appreciate it. I am also currently working on another little tutorial on how to import Sketchup scenes or models onto Mozilla Hubs, so that also should be interesting.

Registered User
2022-08-15 08:51:30

thanks for sharing this, it's helpful and useful!
Sketchup is fantastic for modeling architecture, structures, site plans, furniture, mechanical devices, etc. It's extremely flexible, and it's got one of the easiest learning curves of any software I've ever used. You can learn a lot about faces, solids, extrusions, booleans, and texturing just from spending a little time with it.

I’ve used a XP-Pen Deco MW ( bluetooth drawing pad with SketchUp for many years and I'm sure it's a great experience. a lot more easier / better / faster / etc than regular mouse which always sucks because of its ergonomics.

Registered User
2022-08-15 15:03:12

nice tutorial :)

There is various skp importers for Blender too, which are good if you need to do unwrapping

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