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NEOPHYTE updates!!

2023-01-31 04:03:05

Just updated the site with 2 new actions. also added a button on the homepage for Javascript Scripting API reference (work in progress).

The two actions are SplitScreen and Copy Animations.

Splitscreen actions allows you to splitscreen into 2 allows to opt for vertical or horizontal split.

Copy animations action allows you to use animation from a node and apply it on another node that uses the same skeleton(rig)

they utilizes the new extended api and will work only with CopperCube version 6.6 onwards.

Download the extensions from the website:-

Registered User
2023-02-01 16:50:18

wow cool thank you but does the splitscreen do 2 player?

Registered User
2023-02-03 16:55:06


2023-02-04 06:26:34

@edwin123, I already answered to your question in the CC 6.6 release thread, here I am just rephrasing the answer that I posted there.

"@edwin123 SplitScreen only splits the screen into 2 and renders from 2 cameraviews on screen, you can use it for 2 player or online multiplayer but you need to setup or develop your game according to it then. For example if you want to place dual huds or names of players, then you also need to make sure that they allign to the screen accordingly and you might need to have dual overlays for one player on one half of screen and duplicate of the same overlay on the second half of the screen for example showing name or highscores of both the player. But yeah it is totally possible to use the splitscreen for multiplayer."

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