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CopperCube badmouthing

2021-08-11 22:27:58

Unity GameDev @McsavGames is actually making vote against CopperCube based on incomplete to false facts:
video description: "this is coppercube 6 a free game engine on steam, i do not recommend this game engine because it does not have post processing unless you get the pro version which is £50/$50 and it is a very buggy tool."

In the comments section I tried to point out that for example for the free version there are already some shader behaviors and the possibility to use ReShade for post processing. Furthermore I mentioned the entry level friendly price of less than 38 EUR for CopperCube Pro. Did not mean any offense, only tried to clarify facts. Know what? The comments section got closed immediately, but the bad publicity still on air. This is not the way to have a culture of discussion, is it?

So, would it be OK to respond with a thumbs down in such a case, what do you think?

2021-08-12 00:26:01

McsavGames's 12 subscribers are free to make up their own minds.

Verdict: don't waste your time.

2021-08-12 15:19:49

Video unavailable
This video has been removed by the uploader

case closed

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