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manual page selection before uploading
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2021-08-08 18:24:40

Would it be possible to include a function in a later update that allows individual pages to be selected before uploading them to the server?

Specific example: I am working on a project in which I am creating several new pages in parallel. Let's assume there are ten pages that I'm working on in parallel. But I only manage to finish five pages completely in one day. And I would like to upload these five pages now. Unfortunately, I can't do this in Rocket Cake. Because all pages are always uploaded that are newly created or were changed. And there are also pages that have been worked on but not finished yet.

So far the only way to do this is to finish your project locally and then manually upload only the desired pages with an external ftp client. This is possible, of course, but it is relatively uncomfortable, at least if the pages also include images, videos, PDFs, etc. are included.

I know this from another program that I used to work with, where you could specifically choose which pages you wanted to upload to the server during the autoupload. Such a function would make my work a lot easier, at least for large projects where new content is often added.


2021-08-09 07:40:26

Thanks, that's a actually a very good idea. Never has been requested before, but I'll add this on the feature request list.

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