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recreate RC site from the website files?
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Registered User
2021-08-02 02:56:30

A drive crash appears to have nukes my Rocket Cake project for my website. I have the website, the published output of Rocket Cake, and the app, is there any way to "reload" the site into Rocket Cake so I can change it? thanks

2021-08-02 07:36:01

No, sorry, you need to have the .rcd file, there is no way to restore it from the generated files, unfortunately.

Always be sure to make backups!

Registered User
2021-08-02 16:19:43

I know it would double bandwidth usage, but maybe a flag that people could have the option to "publish .rcd with website"?

That makes me think maybe that would even be best practice for people with decent bandwidth... Occasionally upload the .rcd file right to your webspace? Then you can just go to "" to retrieve your entire site easy peasy?

2021-08-02 20:04:08

I have never used rocketcake buld in ftp uploader. Use for example total commander and upload your .rcd file how much you want.

Registered User
2021-08-03 19:21:42

Me too actually, the built-in FTP uploader was way too basic for me. I just used webdrive to mount my hosted storage as another drive letter on my computer and publish to "local disc" and then let webdrive's cache upload in the background.

I was just thinking there could be an option to automatically output the .rcd file whenever or wherever it publishes, so there's automatically a backup.

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