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Replace client EXE used to build inside CopperCube?
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Registered User
2021-07-28 22:47:42

Is it possible to replace the client EXE stub that is used to run/build the Windows version from inside CopperCube?

I have Studio edition and have built my own EXE, now want to make it work from within the editor so I don't have to use external CCB files, if that's possible.

Registered User
2021-07-29 03:34:45

unfortunately no, currently not that I'd know of, sorry.

Registered User
2021-07-29 15:31:58

Bummer. I guess alternatively I will just change the encoding of the CCB files if I'm really that worried about it (not sure I am anyway, I like modding). It would be a bit easier to edit and test from inside the IDE but I guess having a script to launch my binary with the CCB I'm editing isn't that different.

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