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Background Mode Bombs
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Registered User
2021-07-22 15:27:45

I click on the Background to change the background to an image (JPEG). When I click on the "Properties/Background" tool I click on backgroundMode. I cannot change the mode to "Image". I successfully did this on one of my pages. It is very difficult to do. the arrow next to the background format does not work. I even tried to type in "image" where it defaults to "Gradient". Is there a solution or work around?

Registered User
2021-07-22 15:53:32

I think something like this happened in an old version of Rocketcake on MacOs. Is this the case for you?

Updating to a newer version of Rocketcake will then solve this.

Registered User
2021-07-22 16:01:55

I just upgraded from my old 3.1 version to the new 4.0 version. Now it works like a charm! Guess I need to keep up on my upgrades!!

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