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how to create directories that can be linked
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Registered User
2021-07-18 19:58:36


I can see that by default one directory is created (rs-images) and i can change its name. When I tried to add another directory, I successfully added it, and i can see it in the list. But when I link my files in it, on run time it always change the path to re-images directory. Can someone help, how to solve this issue.
thank you

Registered User
2021-07-19 08:03:55

Not entirely sure I understood. You added a new directory as folder in the document path, right? But how did you link your files in it?

It usually works like this: You can specify a directory name in the settings, and Rocketcake will place all the images and scripts you are using on your page into that directory.

I don't think you can have internally managed files in more than one different directories. You can manually upload them still to your site to any directory and link them using manual specified hyperlinks still, though.

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