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Does CopperCube support procedural materials made in Blender?

Registered User
2021-07-18 02:44:32

I'm wondering if the CopperCube Engine Supports Blender's Materials or if I'd have to create the materials as a texture (like a PNG or TGA or something).

I'm trying to create materials for the monster for my game with Blender's Shader Editor.

One last thing, if it does support stuff like Principled BSDF, what about the Emission Shaders?

2021-07-18 03:18:58

If Blender has vertex shading or vertex coloring then yes, CC can show these colors.

Anything else needs a texture like png/tga etc unless you want to create a texture shader - which is a very different thing only for CC and not same as Blender at all.

Registered User
2021-07-18 03:47:19

What classifies as vertex shading? For my monster's skin I have a large number of faces selected and all of these faces are given the same material. Here is my node setup and the current output:

The Node Setup:

The Output (Blender Cycles Render Engine):

2021-07-18 12:10:33

Vertex coloring from Blender to CC is only simple coloring - ie no texturing, so the above you would have to create a png texture to use in CopeprCube.

You can see for yourself when you either save as blend file (only 2.79 or earlier) and load into CC or export to DAE and load into CC - simple vertex colors will come with it...

Im pretty sure the above wont go with the mesh unless its an already created png/tga texture attached...try and see.

2021-07-18 14:30:31

You can't use blender materials with coppercube, Coppercube uses its own material there are "26" materials as of now. and when you import any model the default material "Solid" will be applied to that model. However, you can create new materials in coppercube using shaders.

The best you can do is to export the lightmapped textures from the blender and then use it in Coppercube with the Lighmapped material which will give you some really nice results.

as @Robo mentioned already, only a few model types will show up vertex colors when imported, otherwise, you need to supply a texture to the model. You can set vertex color in Coppercube as well, and can also apply texture to a triangle with the help of polygon tools.

Registered User
2021-07-18 19:31:37

Thank you all! I ended up baking the diffuse and normal map of the materials to separate images and importing that into CC along with the model. Here is a preview if you want to see what it looks like:


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