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How does one correctly add the animations to a model?

Registered User
2021-07-17 19:41:54

I'm making an ugly little monster for my game, but I don't understand how I should add animations to it. In Blender (2.79b) there is only one timeline. How would CopperCube distinguish between say an idle animation and a walk animation? Do I add animation markers for between each animation? Please help.

2021-07-17 23:37:35

Not sure if this is the best method but one can merge all the separate "walk", "idle" animations into one animation called "All". When imported back into coppercube, one can then define the start and end frame for each separate animation and add "blending" which smooths the transition when changing between the different animations. One can also add different frame-rates for each animation.

Registered User
2021-07-18 01:20:38

Thanks! I'll try it.

2021-07-18 03:28:31

If when checking in Blender dop sheet / action editor - there is only one animation will all your separate animations in it then split them up sepaartely in CC by using the animation editor.

If however you have multiple animations in Blender (ie like from mixamo or something) then save as FBX and import into CC and separate animations should show up already done.

2021-07-18 14:24:08

You can create actions in blender as @Robo has suggested, You can use the blender dope sheet editor to split your animations into individual actions and then export the model directly, It will load up all the individual animations as a different sets along with a set with all the animation named as "All" which is also the default setting when you import any animated model into coppercube.

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