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<feature request> Paste Format
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Registered User
2021-06-26 20:14:26

As a web site editor, I would like to:
o Select an object
o Copy the object
o Select a different object
o Right Click on the selected object
and have an option to "Paste Format".

The result would be that the new object would have the same format as the Copied object.

Format an image with a solid red border, a border width of 5, a size of "50%, auto" and a border margin of "0, 0, 0, 30".
Insert a new image.
Select and Copy the original image.
Select the newly inserted image, right click and select "Paste format".
The new image would have the same properties as the original image.

I often insert many images in my pages and have to set the same properties every time I insert another image. Same situation for text and other objects. It would be much quicker and easier to simply set the format to match one I already have formatted the way I want.

2021-06-27 08:18:28

That would be a useful feature indeed, interesting that you are the first one to request such a thing. Added to the TODO list, and will probably implement this in one of the next updates.


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