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<feature request> custom containers
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2021-05-24 18:22:43

Ha! Now that I'm cutting and pasting a container full of some nice content into a bunch of other containers, both within and without different .RCD files, it sure would be nice if there was the ability to just stick the container over on the toolset and name it something like "super awesome container widget" and be able to drag and drop it into any page... I find that if I use the regular ^C^V, that dumps the container from the clipboard, and I have to go back and recopy it before I can continue reusing it elsewhere... Even Win-V doesn't actually copy a container for reuse. Just the standard clipboard.

Anyway, thought other people may find the same feature useful enough to chime in.

Registered User
2021-05-26 06:44:56

.. or maybe a way to create custom tools would also be a great feature.

Registered User
2021-06-01 17:24:45

Erik is correct, a way to create custom tools would be ideal. For example I need a cookie permissions tool


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