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Japanese fonts
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Registered User
2021-05-15 02:57:01

Japanese fonts
I am trying to get friendly with RocketCake for some time now, but basically am a beginner, who does not know anything.
I would like to rebuild my current website, which has something like 30-40 different pages in 3 languages.
MOST of it is in Japanese though, since I am living in Japan and most likely more than 90% of the people viewing my site
will be Japanese, living in Japan and using a Japanese Windows OS.
RocketCake offers a list of "web-safe" fonts, but ALL of those are Western fonts. Any Japanese input appears in the same rather ugly font, which is given at the top of the screen as "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" - naturally NOT suited for Japanese.
When I ask RocketCake to load more fonts, that are not "web-safe", I get the list of fonts installed under Windows.
HOWEVER, no matter what font I choose, the result is always the same.

So, is this it? Just one ugly font available?
Is there a trick available to activate those OS based fonts?
I do not really care about them being "not properly" displayed on machines using a different (language) OS.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Registered User
2021-05-15 13:25:14

You can type your own font name into that list. You can freely edit the font name in there. Then try using that font and preview the font if it looks correctly in your browser - it might look a bit different in RocketCake.

Registered User
2021-05-16 17:20:44

I am sorry, but it is NOT the font NAME that I would like to change. I would like to change the FONT itself.
So far I have tried maybe 10-15 different fonts, but they ALL look exactly the same both on the edit AND the preview screen.
In other words: I cannot change the (Japanese) font AT ALL.
When I setup a piece of English (works with German too) text and change the font,
it DOES change the appearance of the text both on the edit AND the preview screen.
Does this mean, RocketCake is not capable of handling other than alphabetic fonts?

I tried to insert "text symbols". That works, but there are only EIGHT symbols available.
Is that all? That would not be sufficient, when one would try to medical texts, where there are Greek letters
like, alpha, beta, gamma, omega etc.

2021-05-17 12:51:50

You can paste any symbol you like. These are the only one built into the menu for convenience.
About the font: Which exactly would you like to use but doesn't work for you?

Registered User
2021-05-17 16:02:06

1) Where would I get symbols from? I cannot see any menu for entering symbols. Copying them over from some other software does not really seem to be an elegant solution.

2) My Japanese Windows 10 has at least 30-40 different Japanese fonts. As I said before, I tried to select maybe 10-15 of those, but ALL look EXACTLY the same = NONE of the Japanese fonts is recognized/displayed.
I prepared a little "font test" and could send a screenshot, but do not know, how that is accomplished.

Sorry for the trouble.

2021-05-18 11:31:16

You can just find them on any site on the internet and paste them. Or save the ones you need in a word document or similar and paste them from there.

Could you name some of the fonts mentioned? Then I could try this out and see what might be the problem there.

Registered User
2021-05-20 12:14:23

Well, about those fonts.
I am using a Japanese Windows 10 system and MOST fonts, as far as I know, are provided with the OS. They are listed, naturally, with their Japanese names and I have no idea, whether there are "proper" English names for them. Anyway, ALL of them look exactly the same when I use RocketCake.
Here is a list of 10 samples (however they will display here):
日本語 MS P Gothik

日本語 MS P Mincho

日本語 DFP Gyoshotai

日本語 ADL Shonan Gyosho

日本語 Meiryo UI

日本語 HG Soei Kaku

日本語 Noto Serif CJK JP

日本語 TT-JTC Janken

日本語 UD Digital Kyokasho

日本語 Yuzawa Chutaisho

The Japanese characters look here obviously also all the same. For a website, however, that is NOT desirable. I doubt anyone would design a commercial website with just one font.

Registered User
2021-05-20 14:02:47

what do the fonts look like in other Windows programs?
You may need to install the Japanese language in the Windows settings first.

Registered User
2021-05-21 09:54:27

In all applications except text editors exactly the way they are supposed to look = like in the preview under "Windows -> Fonts".
"Install the Japanese language"? I just updated the software to 4.0 (in my clinic) and switched under: "options" - "Language" to Japanese. That switches the menus etc. to Japanese - which is not necessarily what I am looking for.
Entering a Japanese term (VERY cumbersome!), copying it several times (here "tab" does not work, only empty spaces to move text) and assigning different fonts results in exactly the same display for ALL fonts..

Maybe RocketCage is not suited for handling non-European languages. I have seen this with several other applications too. Pity. FrontPage 2000, which I used to build my current site, is a little (20 years!) outdated and I had hoped to find an alternative software.

2021-05-22 07:36:49

Thanks for posting this, I'll have a look at how this could be improved.

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