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Container not working
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Registered User
2021-05-08 12:59:30

Suddenly the new containers I add are not working in Firefox. That is the text is there, but it is as if it is not in a container (e.g. no gradient, no round edges). it works in 'preview’ it works 'local disk’ but when published to the internet, it has stopped working in Firefox. It is OK in Chrome.

It gets weirder. Using the same Firefox browser on the same machine, the ‘local disk’ version is perfect, but the published to the internet version has the no-new-containers problem. I always publish the whole website, not just the changed pages.

Registered User
2021-05-08 16:32:48

Sounds like a caching problem. Try pressing F5 to refresh everything in Firefox. I guess your firefox might have the old .css file in cache.

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