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Registered User
2021-05-05 18:29:03

I have been trying Rocketcage "a little", but so far was not able to create anything with it.
Beginner's question: Is there a way of applying a wallpaper image, that provides a canvas without vertical or horizontal borders and where the image (design pattern) is NOT distorted by enlarging it?
That is what I used to do with FrontPage 2000 (20-year old software I used to create my current website with) and thought was "normal". I would like to have something like a nice empty letter paper (with basic background design) to write letters to friends. Preferably without dividing that letter paper into a million sections.

Is that possible?
If so, how?
Thank you.

Registered User
2021-05-05 20:26:06

Yes, thats possible: set the background mode of the page or container to "image", and the the repeat mode accordingly.

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