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2021-04-27 23:38:10

When i click on menu, opens submemu, after it if i click on menu submenu not closing, i need to find some empty no clickable space on site to close it.

The same way works mobile version of menu.

On desktop version on mouse hover opens but when there is no mouse hover not closing.

It will be good if people can close by the same way like it opens, i mean to click the menu opens submenu or mobile menu, another click close it. On desktop version with mouse hovers.

Registered User
2021-04-28 11:08:39

Yes, that's how the menu works right now. I think they are planning an option to change it like you want it to behave.

Registered User
2021-05-06 19:04:12

Have also already pointed out this deficiency, whereupon I was told that this should be changed.
Would be great if that happened soon, for it is too bad about the nice menu :-)

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