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Custom screen size values
Author Text

Registered User
2021-04-23 14:31:08

Because it is not possible to store the custom values in the project being processed
Every time you exit the project they disappear and you always have to re-enter

Thank you

Registered User
2021-04-24 05:04:50

Not entirely sure what you talk about, do you mean in the breakpoint editor? They should be saved. Wouldnt make any sense not to save them.

Registered User
2021-04-24 07:20:05

Sorry, I explained myself badly. I meant the format of the various screens. example. Apple, Samsung, Sony ...... by default `desktop". If I insert for example custom 960 in the project and save the project. If I reload the project the value disappears and "desktop" appears. How should I do to store this value in the project?

2021-04-24 18:36:47

Ah, you want the view set as shown last time? Interesting. Never thought that this would be needed at all.

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