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(feature request) ability to modify defaults/initial settings
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Registered User
2021-04-19 15:33:33

Again, perhaps I just haven't figured out the secret, but it would be great if we could have a way to have certain initial settings that we can define ourselves. I'm currently inserting a bunch of photos and want them all to be 40% width, with 10,10,10,10 margins. I'm having to manually change them out from 50% with no margins... I also see that with inserted videos that always default to 50% as well...

Maybe even have it somehow remember what your last adjustment was, and automatically insert the next item in an identical configuration?

I also find this with things like containers - I have to set up the borders and colours manually for each one, even though for this project, they all want to be identical.

Thanks for listening, and maybe giving shortcuts that I haven't yet learned.


2021-04-19 17:25:00

Just copy and past your desired element with your desired configuration and all will be identical, Ctrl C and Ctrl V, you can copy past as many times as you want, it can be everything, photos, videos, containers etc.

Registered User
2021-04-23 20:50:54

Just edit one page, then create a new page and make it a copy of the page you first edited. Everything that you created on your first page will be the same on the copy page. You can change pictures etc, but the sizes, colours etc will all stay the same unless of course you change them.

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