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Changing font color
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Registered User
2021-04-17 11:15:02

I have more than 150 pages in my website and I want to change the font color. Do I have to open all those pages one by one and change the color or is there a method to change it in all the pages at once?

2021-04-18 08:48:15

Difficult to say, usually, there is not one "the font color".
But if you really just have 150 pages, all with the same font color, you could probably easily do this by adding one line of CSS to change the font. You won't see the resulting new color in the editor, but in the HTML Preview then. Maybe that would work for you?
The CSS you need to write for this depends on how your page looks like. So maybe send a link or send the .rcd file to support.

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