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Set Default Background Colour
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Registered User
2021-04-15 14:52:51

Perhaps I'm just still too much of a newb, but when I create a new page with an invisible background, the background switches to a dark grey that's hard to read my black text against. Would it be possible to have an option to set the colour of the background in this circumstance? I'd rather not have to set a background colour for a page while working on it, and then remember to switch it back to invisible just before I publish it...

Maybe V3.6 of RocketCake could even have a couple "themes" with alternate default colour schemes?

2021-04-15 21:30:46

Interesting, never thought of that. You are doing this for loading that page into an iframe or similar?

Registered User
2021-04-15 23:00:10

I was thinking of it maybe in an iframe, or just in the "content placeholder" container - but I wasn't sure what my final background colour would be on multiple pages, and thought if I created them all with transparent backgrounds, then I could just set the background colour on the masterpage at will and it would show through on all the other pages that open in the placeholder.

Registered User
2021-04-16 11:25:20

yes, I also made it, the background in master and all other transparent. But text and other always in containers. And the background of each container I can change the colors or transparency (%)

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