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Creating pHp pages
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Registered User
2021-04-06 08:57:03

I am stepping out of my comfort zone with my bowls club wanting a password facility for the website and I think what I set up in phpMyAdmin is working. I have been told if I put the following code in each html page and save it as a pHp document there should not be any problem. Sadly all I get is a blank page!

The page I am working with is and the pHp code I have entered:

require_once "config/starthere.php";

As always, any advice will be appreciated.

Registered User
2021-04-07 06:17:54

You know that RocketCake has a built-in password proection element? You can just add it to any page you want to be protected, and it just works.

As for your PHP problem: Not easy to say without seeing the exact code or an error message. You can probably turn on error output in your PHP config on your server to see what problem there is exactly.

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