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Registered User
2021-04-04 16:32:25

Hoi, ik heb foto's in portrait die ik in de fotogallerij wil plaatsen. Deze verdraaien en worden landscape! Hoe kan ik die terugdraaien zodat zij als portrait worden weergegeven.
Toen ik ze voor het eerst erop plaatste ging het vanzelf. Nu ik er nieuwe wil op plaatsen wil dat niet meer lukken.

Registered User
2021-04-04 17:01:23

Are they rotated or correct and just clipped?

If just clipped: you can select the aspect ratio for the images in the gallery, so select one which fits better your needs.

If rotated: then it sounds like your images contain exif data, and browsers are not sure which way to show them. To solve this, delete the exif data before importing them into rocketcake. You can do this for example by opening the image file into some foto editing software, and saving them as for examole .png file instead of .jpg. Then close the photo editing software, stsrt it again, open the .png file and save it as differently named .jpg file. Import that into Rocketcake and you should be fine.

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