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Viewing on different sized screens.
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2021-02-28 19:12:01

In the tutorial the first task is to place a navigation bar on the blank page. Set to 100%, 38. The 38 being the height. I filled the bar with the titles of eight pages that I wanted ultimately to make up my website.

Now I slid the slider to reduce the size of the screen to emulate a mobile or cell phone screen and as the screen got smaller the menu bar remained as it was except the titles of each page began to disappear until eventually all of the headings had disappeared. The titles have been replaced by three horizontal lines which, when clicked on, revealed the headings once more. Fine but if viewed on a wider tablet screen then this wouldn't happen as not all titles would be visible only the first three or four.

Therefore unless I am missing something I guess I would be better off using styled buttons which would individually move down to keep in view.

Have I missed something or would using styled buttons for each page title be a good option? Thanks.

2021-03-01 09:07:37

You can set the width of the screen when this happens - when your menu switches to the mobile version.

Just set the "mobileMenuVisibleAt" value of the navigation menu to a screen width where you want this to happen.

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