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Wide Navigation Menu
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Registered User
2021-02-23 23:40:23

Just wondering how we can deal with a really wide navigation menu? I have a client that insist on a number of links all on the main menu - but they start to get truncated as the screen shrinks... Any thoughts?

Registered User
2021-02-24 06:04:18

There are several ways I can think of: Simples would be to simply set the "mobile menu visible" value to a bigger value, so that your menu changes earlier, once it is no longer fully visible.

Another way would be to create multiple menus next to each other, for example one for every dropdown menu, so that they wrap around the line once there is no longer enough space.

Registered User
2021-02-26 13:11:18

I ended up sort of using both your suggestions, but then implementing my own twist which I think is pretty elegant and the best way I can currently think of.

I made two navigation menus stacked on top of one another (there were no dropdown submenus required or requested). The lower one I set to go invisible when the breakpoint was met.

The upper one I set the mobile menu to be custom created instead of auto generated, so that when it appeared, I simply padded it out by adding in all the items from both the upper and lower menus. It so far has worked a treat!

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