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Free Rocketcake Project Files
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Registered User
2021-02-19 19:53:32

Hello RS Community

So imagine this - I got a quote from a website developer to build a simple responsive business website and they quoted $75 per hour (Australia). So I did my research and I found the free version of RocketCake. So I spent a week teaching myself how to use this wonderful and intuitive program, got my content together and quickly had my website published.

The RS community was a great help, so I decided to give away a dozen projects I created with the free version of Rocketcake, with the aim that it may help just one person new to learning this program.

The first project was my master template whereby I created a number of different elements. Click on the link below to view this project, which I called business composite:

Another version to the above project involved adding a motion background video on the landing page. You can check out this published project below:

To download all my free Rocketcake projects file, click the link below. You will need to download and extract the zip file to a folder to open these RocketCake project files.!ArGEFJM4wDex...

You may use my project files for free and I make no claim to copyright or conditions restricting their use. I hope these help!

2021-02-20 06:45:33

Very nice template! Thanks for posting!

Registered User
2021-02-20 11:16:20


thanx, good work , but do you had a look by using a smartphone?

Registered User
2021-02-27 12:59:52

What a wonderful gift to our community! Thanks for your generosity. All these tips are a big help as we continue to use this awesome program.

Registered User
2021-02-28 18:43:12

Thank you for taking the time to share the sample files.

Two hundred years from now, nobody will remember our names. What we do today to help each other and society is what's important.

Registered User
2021-03-25 15:38:01

Gosh this was helpful! I was really scratching my head at getting a background HTML5 video to work - I never thought to try free position!

One thing that I tried that worked for me differently than the code in your zip - you suggested editing the HTML of the website after uploading it to add the mute attribute - I found that I could just edit the HTML of the HTML5 container right in RocketCake and add the mute attribute there - easy peasy!

Thanks for sharing!

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