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Master Page and New Page Container Question
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2021-02-16 09:38:47

Good Morning,

I asked a question before about "Containers" and CHOD kindly gave me a bit of advice.

(I haven't received the PDF because entering an email address gets flagged as spam. Thanks for the offer though CHOD)

However, just to clarify please. I am using the Master Page method of producing my website and have a question when starting a new page.

Do I need to start off the new page by placing an encompassing container on the new page first then the necessary containers for the different sections inside that container OR, can I just get away with placing the containers for each element on the new page?

Does the Content Placeholder on the Master Page act as the initial Container thereby eliminating the need for an initial encompassing container on the new page?

Thank you for any help.

2021-02-16 10:23:06

The order in which you place the containers doesn't matter, you can always re-arrange them later if you like. Same for the content placeholder: Simply place it when and where you want the content to appear on your master page.

You can download the .pdf of the RocketCake manual from the download page:

Alternatively, see the Master page tutorial directly online here:

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