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In Programmatic Cloning, the collision detection of the child nodes is lost.

2021-02-08 21:16:34

When I clone a node with children programmatically, the children lose collision detection.

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Is it a Bug ???

2021-02-09 01:58:23

If you don't get an answer, then most likely yes :)

Do you mean, they lose the collision behavior in their behavior tab? That's bad.

You could clone each child individually with ccbGetSceneNodeChildCount(sceneNode) and ccbGetChildSceneNode(parentSceneNode, childIndex), then use ccbSetSceneNodeParent(sceneNode, newparentnode) to clone the tree.I assume cloning a single node works?

But indeed, even if it works, quite some work.

2021-02-09 03:36:02

Thanks for answering.
I can do a comparison for each child of the node that I am cloning and try to replicate the collision parameter. I really feel that if Coppercube didn't have these kinds of issues and bugs it would be a great platform. I hope the project has not died.

2021-02-09 16:34:24

That I hope too. If we all add a little contribution in the form of extensions and workarounds, maybe. There are some flaws, that's a given, but do they out-weight all the eye-candy? It would take me months if not years for me to learn how to achieve that with the irrlicht engine directly. The fast development comes with a price tag, and that is, sometimes you have to realize you cannot do everything in CC. For instance I desperately tried to get rid of an animation delay of the pistol that was attached to an npcs hand (webGL). Clearly a bug. Now I just think I'm gonna use NPCs with their guns included in the model. It's not like I can't make a game if the npcs cannot dynamically change their weapons. I won't be able to challenge the big AAA titles anyway. GTA 5 used to cost 200 mio $ in development - en par with hollywood movies, and that's a decade or so ago. Indie Developers like me rather need a good Gameplay idea, than to try to beat those big companies on their turf sotosay.

However, even so, CC is quite impressive.

2021-02-09 16:50:02

I understand, we agree that 100% professional work is not possible with coppercube. I use it to entertain myself for a while, but I would be very happy if it just fixed the basic display bugs, transparency rendering order, and basic behaviors like the ones we mentioned.
In the same way I do not expect it to be like Unreal, Unity or GoDot (Godot Niiiice engine and platform develop, very similar to coppercube)
Apart from everything, I already solved by making the geometry in another way, obviously it is not the idea but for the moment it works for a model, the final experiment I will have to do with GDT

2021-02-09 17:17:14

[quote] 100% professional work is not possible with coppercube./quote]

it depends on what your goals are. In terms of top notch complex gameplay I agree. But if the gameplay is simple, like an adventure, the graphics at least allow to make a 3D game that must not hide from many Unity or UE4 games that I have seen.

You have to know what's possible in CC and then build up on it.

A bit of a downer is the lack of postprocessed filters in the free version, because that's for free in the other engines.

Speaking of Godot, I've spent quite some time trying to figure out really basic things and thought it was a bit unintuitive. It is also the huge model format support in CC, that I find important, esp. for lightmapped and animated models, that actually works, unlike in many other engines I tried so far.

Anyway, wish you good luck with your project, no matter which engine.

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