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Added a new page in Masterpage
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Registered User
2021-02-07 16:12:44

I added a new page in masterpage.html. It shows up when testing on local disk but doesn't seem to work on website.

Under the Projects menu, the first entry should be Current Project.

From the Home page menu it shows up on the menu under Projects but when I'm on another page and go back to Projects it doesn't show up.

Do get it to show up I have to go back to the Home screen?


Registered User
2021-02-07 19:56:37

Isnt this the same question like here?

Registered User
2021-02-07 20:04:24

Yes ti is the same question...I guess. I was trying to clarify the question but I guess I just made it more confusing.

I still can't figure out why it's not working. It is there.

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