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Navigation buttons
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Registered User
2021-01-23 17:24:58

I would like to be able to have distinct buttons on the navigation menu but cannot find an easy way to do it, I can add a border around the whole menu but not around individual buttons. So far I have got around this by using individual buttons in their own (non-navigation) frame and then having a separate invisible navigation menu and then setting break points so that the mobile menu appears when the navigation buttons disappear. This works but is a very convoluted way of getting around what I thought would be a simple problem. Any suggestions please.

Registered User
2021-01-24 06:20:29

Yes, right now, I don't think something like this is the only way to do it, no way to style separate menu entries like that. You can give them different fonts and for example shadows, but no borders.

Registered User
2021-01-24 15:35:49

OK.Many thanks

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