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Embedded (HTML5) video doesn't display on Apple devices
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Registered User
2020-12-15 13:00:13

I used the HTML5 Video component to add a couple of video clips to a website. It works well on non-Apple devices but not on iPhone or iPad. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

RCL3.5 free version.

Registered User
2020-12-15 14:01:25

Sounds like you are using a codec not supported on ios?

Registered User
2020-12-15 14:10:44

I'm using the Rocket Cake "HTML5 Video" control "straight out of the box", using RC under Windows10 Pro. No tweaks, nothing odd.

I can't see how anything I have done would affect only Apple devices...

Registered User
2020-12-15 14:28:17

No, i talk about the video files. They may be encoded using somethin gwhich cannot be played on ios. Try converting them to a different format , like mp4 with h.264 with avc level 3.

iOS doesnt support all of them.

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