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WARNING! (Bug?) Cloned/Deleted nodes during game-testing

Registered User
2020-12-01 08:49:40


I noticed some major unexpected behaviour if I use the SceneGraphEditor (not my own js code) to call the default "clone" or "delete" options during gameplay.

I made one enemy and one NPC, then used the "clone" option to generate multiple enemies and NPC's at the start of the game and place them randomly on the map.

This worked fine - but after testing the game, I noticed there were now multiple entries of the enemies and NPC's in the SceneGraphEditor too. ie Not only had it cloned the nodes in the game, but in the editor itself.

Not such a huge problem but then I noticed that the same thing had happened when using the "delete node" option. Any nodes that were deleted during gameplay had also actually disappeared from the SceneGraphEditor and the ccb file - gone forever!

I don't think this should be happening; definitely seems like a rogue, game-breaking issue.

I think the issue is with the "Test as Windows Application" (F-10) option. Will have to see if the same thing happens with "Publish".

This is my third time of recently having to overhaul the game - before figuring out what the problem was - same thing happened to my backups (beware) - it was adding and deleted a bunch of nodes whenever I clicked "test game". Saving the ccb file obviously them made these undetected changes permanent.

The only workaround I can think of is to make your backup files "read only". Or always use "publish" instead of "test game". I'll experiment (after I fix my game again, lol) and upload a solution if I find one.

Same thing happens when using "Publish" instead of "Test"

Actually - it does it even without clicking "Test" or "Publish". If I save the file, the clone/delete changes are somehow already made when I re-open it

Do not place any "Clone" or Delete" instructions in the "Before first drawing Do something" behaviour of a scene!

Registered User
2020-12-03 21:08:09

...same thing happens with "move to position".

The nodes get moved to the new position in the editor. Surely Clone/Delete/Move instructions should only happen during execution of the game.exe - not whilst editing the game.ccb in the SceneGraph editor of coppercube?

Really confusing that assets are being cloned/deleted/moved in the coppercube ccb file, often unnoticed.

Is this a feature or a bug?

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