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saved game variables
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2020-11-17 23:53:28

I recently just brought my game back up to scratch again in terms of saving all player data to return everything back to how it was on last save when reloaded - feels good actually.

I don't always update this as I keep adding new features and also takes some time as I have currently 10 arrays now with around 200 - 300 variables in total to save on each auto save and save on exit also.

That doesn't count the arrays that save screen shots automatically and manually...

I have tried to make it complete as possible without saving unnecessary things so save time is very fast. Also about 4 of the arrays only save when you change something while playing and don't need to be saved on exit the game as already saved everytime you do a certain action - eg move a crate auto saves 1 second after dropping back to ground.

Seems to be working after having to fix a tonne of bugs....I hate bugs...but it is the way it is..

I will probably add another 1-2 new arrays soon for other things not saved yet like dropped glow sticks and current condition/glow left....

Registered User
2020-11-19 03:25:54

Congratulations I like your work!

it's amazing what you do with the coppercube not breaking up the bike i like it but we know that it is getting out of place with every minute that passes! and that you need some simple new things to make the job at least less pleasant.

even so you are one of the ones who makes the most of the copper cube's potential!

(I like making it clear! I really like this engine);

I hope that in the next update the coppercube will have better rescue and better scene management. for both windows and android!

I am currently looking for a material that I can use on android so that it stays the same in the game because during editing you make good material and your game looks beautiful when you export! quite simply the result does not equal the color changes and everything else.

2020-11-19 23:28:38

cheers carlosm - have you tried "Filter Forge" - tonne of free textures that once created - you actually own yourself also..

I would really love the ability in CC to add different textures to imported height maps based on altitude....that would help me out massively.....can only dream I guess....

Registered User
2020-11-20 00:10:44

yes I downloaded some normal maps from home.
@Robo there is a website:
they are free PBR textures you can even use commercially their quality is great.

about CopperCube. Am I inclined to use copperlich because it looks better? (I would like to know your opinion about) the quality of the materials looks better is amazing how light and fast copperlich I have already used babylonjs and loading and reading and many times (I haven't used babylonjs in a while so I don't know if it is so) has low SPF. But copperlich looks better.

Copperlich so far has only given me a physical breakdown that is not real, but maybe Niko could add a javascript library of physics to the copper lich would be great.

I wanted to extend it to add functions, materials, light, effects and etc.
To - @Niko what better way for me to add these things to copperlich

2020-11-21 09:41:16

Hey carlosm,

thanks for the link to
It's got a few nice textures I found for my game.

As good as it is for free textures, its very much designed for the combinations of each of the 4 texture types together - ie diffuse, normal, AO & roughness etc.. which is almost all textures these days.
One thing I found about Filter Forger is that sometimes the textures look complete all by themselves even without a normal map and any other combinations...for some, the detail is very high for lower MB size so my preference is still Filter Forge but free textures are always nice either way.

I haven't used Copperlicht directly myself although some have added better features it seems like DX10 and a few advances not in CC. I'm not sure whats the deal with physics, whether it has it or not so yeah, like anything check it out fully before starting a game with it is always wise.

If your a C++ programmer then maybe Studio version of CC (on sale) could be an option and modify it to suit your needs also...have been considering this myself but unsure if would be worth it for me as yet..

Registered User
2020-11-21 17:57:28

Robo, thanks for the warning I will use textures from Filter Forge!

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