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An Idea
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Registered User
2020-11-13 21:08:31

I would find it quite handy if I were able to change the text colour of each page in the documents box, so as I could see at a glance which were the main pages and which were child pages.

Just a thought.

2020-11-14 07:22:50

You mean for master and client pages?

Registered User
2020-11-14 10:21:15

So if I have a main page called (Pencils_Main_Page) and then from that page I have links to 10 other pages that are for the 10 different styles of Pencils ie: 1 page for each style.

Pencils_Main_Page (In Red)
Rainbow_Pencil (In Blue)
Black_Pencil (In Blue)
Carpenters_Pencil (In Blue)

Another_Main_Page (In Red)
Another_Item (In Blue)
Another_Item_2 (In Blue)

I like to move all of the child pages under the Main page, just to keep things tidy. But if I were able to turn the (Pencils_Main_Page to red or any other colour for that matter, then it would be much easier to see at a glance a divide between each section of pages.

I have to say that the deeper I get into Rocket Cake the more impressed I become, it takes a little time to get your head around some parts, but with a little bit if trial and error, trying out different settings, I have soon got used to it. Great program and great value and very impressed.

Registered User
2020-11-16 11:46:42

Thinking about it, years back a main page was a folder, with sub folders within ie child pages, that system worked very well as you opened the main folder and up popped the sub folders, then when you had finished what you were doing you just closed the main folder and all the sub folders closed with it. For most web sites the simple list that you have now is ok, but when you start to get 40 plus pages it starts to become a bit of a problem. I will end up with around 60 pages by the time I have finished.

Registered User
2020-11-16 17:19:04

but you can also create a folder structure in RC.
Select a level on the left side of the document window and insert 'new folder'.

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