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niko - please read and others who like coppercube.

Registered User
2020-11-13 20:16:32

Updates or changes!

I want to know when there will be an update to coppercube?

if you can't update here is a list of simple things to do i think i speak as a layman in less than a month!

- The idea is to develop without code -
but to release the coding for those who know how to develop more complete behavior and actions (this already means more freedom).

It would increase the number of behaviors and actions and those who do not know could develop several types of games without a program.


I went to do an AI and there is no API in how to access the path - from coppercube. what would be great for that, imagine creating automatic paths and determining when the object should or should not move?
I ended up creating an AI only with physics.

- First Person Camera -
Give power to change the properties settings!

Jump Speed ​​- I wish I could put a variable in this and not just a number so you can change the speed at run time.

- LookOnlyWhenMousedown -
enabling and disabling this for android would be a good idea to simply release the properties of certain standards to the end user.

- Video game control -

I would like to make my modifications to the joystick itself that comes with a CopperCube.

- Shader -
Never get to use one! I would like a tutorial on how to apply a shader to this engine. What is in the documentation does not describe me much.

- the movement of the world camera -
It could move with w, s, a, d-but only move with the arrows and there is no way to configure its speed of movement.

- Rotation Gismo -
You can use it but .. it could have a shape at the end of one of the axes to facilitate the rotation of objects.

- NormalMap -

I can never use this correctly on the copper cube even though I change the material type and calculate the normal ones - the elevations of the shape are not changed.

- Way -

The path would be a great option to create AI and organic composition

but we were unable to determine when it starts beyond the options already given the same problem as the camera in first person.

I would like to tell him to start this path when such an event happens. options are limited
start ..
switch cameras ...
and etc.
start and stop

I need you to have more options or allow me to decide when to start!

it also creates the seriously optimal runtime path.

- Lighting for windows and android. -
need to improve volumetric light and glow effect would be great ..

- But materials -

Niko could not create materials already with shaders and options to customize a certain amount of material properties so we can customize a material already with shaders and create a new something like that.

How many polygans does a copper cube support? I did a test recently with a game for android and it had more or less 67,000 polygans and needed 128MB of memory to run ... but. when starting on android with 1GB400MB of free ram the game did not open said there was not enough memory to run.

in other words, a scene meter has some error - it needed more than 1GB to run the game.

I used Google Translate for this. so I hope you understand!

2020-11-14 07:25:46

Yes, thanks for the suggestsions, lots of them are already on my list. I answered also a similar question here just a few minutes ago:

Registered User
2020-11-14 18:41:21

Thank you Niko - I like your job.
sincerely you made it possible for many to make their own game possible.

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